About Us

Altercargo is a Uruguayan based company designed to provide integrated logistics solutions. We work on hand with the needs of our customers, acting as an extension of their businesses.

We have a wide network of agents and a remarkable experience in the industry.

Our services are characterized by quality, efficiency and professionalism transmitting security and assuring customers their deliveries in the time and manner stipulated.

Check ISO 9001:2015 certification

Our Objective

Our objective is to deliver a complete service to the national and international corporations needs in the treatment of imports and exports.

We are a leader group in logistics services in the region, achieving development and constant growth through the continuity of the differential advantage of our company.

Our Differential

In Altercargo we make an emphasis on personalized service as our main differential.

By understanding that each project and each company is unique, we adapt ourselves to achieve greater effectiveness and return on investment for our customers.

Through the constant training of our staff we aim to excel in order to offer to our clients and employees the necessary knowledge to carry out any project. We strongly believe that the path to excellence is through constant training, service quality and a team with a strong sense of duty.


Exceed the expectations of our clients and become an extension of their companies.


Provide a specialized and competitive service through trained professionals who facilitate logistics.

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