Land Service

Within the land category we provide warehousing and all ground transportation services. We work with a wide variety of warehouses in different areas of our country (free zones, outside and inside the harbour, amongst others), for nationalized merchandise as well as merchandise in transit. Our services include: storage, labeling, consolidation, deconsolidation, verification of packages, amongst many others.

We have the advantage of having an excellent relationship with first class transport companies. Tenemos la ventaja de contar con una amplia vinculación y contratación con empresas de transporte terrestre de primera mano.

We offer a service intended to meet the needs and concerns of our customers.

Quality, efficiency and professionalism.

We work on hand with the needs of our customers, acting as an extension of their businesses. Our services are characterized by quality, efficiency and professionalism transmitting security and assuring customers their deliveries in the time and manner stipulated.

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